We serve all of Broward County as well as some surrounding areas. To replace your headlights could cost several hundred, or even thousands depending on the type of vehicle. Repair kits sold in stores and detailers that use the buff/polish method only offer short term and sub-par results. Your headlights will usually become cloudy again within just a few months . Our trained restoration technicians will come to you and restore your cloudy/yellow headlights right the first time. All work performed by Headlight Dr. comes with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY!



    2006 Dodge Ram

 The UV Clear Coat failed on this Ram and the oxidation was so bad you couldn't tell the headlights had chrome trim. They were restored to like new and needless to say he was very happy.

     2005 Lexus GS

 The owner of this Lexus had his headlights replaced in 09 due to an accident. He was speaking with one of our customers about purchasing new headlights due to them being cloudy when they suggested he give Headlight Dr. a call. We saved him over $2000 and his headlights look like new again.

     2007 VW JETTA

 These headlights were so bad the  owner could barely tell the difference of the headlights being on/off at night. Their main reason for calling Headlight Dr. was to improve night driving visibilty. Headlights in this condition block approx. 70% of the light projection.

     2010 VW JETTA

 The owner of this vehicle kept it in  showroom condition as they are one of our Detail Dr. clients. They were bothered by the hazy look compared to the rest of the vehicle. They weren't in the worst shape, but within a few more months they would've looked really bad.

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Are your headlights dull, cloudy, or yellow???  Have you walked back to your car from a store or while you were parked somewhere and noticed how old and ugly your headlights have become? Maybe while driving at night, your headlights don't seem as bright as they once were and you can't see the road as well anymore? Cloudy headlights can block 70% of your headlight's projection making driving at night difficult and unsafe. Hazy, yellow or "cloudy" headlights make your vehicle look old and neglected regardless of how often you wash or wax your vehicle. Gradually, the weather, road film and UV rays from the sun, which is the #1 cause of cloudy headlights will affect every vehicle 3 years or older. Let Headlight Dr. restore your headlights for a fraction of the cost to replace with new. Our headlight restoration service is affordable and convenient. We're South Florida's professional headlight restoration business.

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 This Suburban has 4 headlights and it still didn't produce enough light projection due to UV Clear Coat failure. We restored the headlights and received a call later that evening stating how much easier it is to see the road now.

With an extensive background in auto detailing and recognizing the need for Headlight Restoration, Headlight Dr. was born. Headlight Dr. developed a proven step by step restoring system that will restore the clarity and seal your headlights providing protection from the UV rays that initially caused the damage.

Step 1)  Tape off all areas surrounding the headlight to protect your paint, trim, chrome etc.

Step 2)  Remove the oxidation and any contaminants on the headlight down to the bare plastic.

Step 3)  Mask off all surrounding areas and prep for application of UV clear coat

Step 4)  Apply UV clear coat and cure with UV lamp

Our process will restore your headlights to like new.


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Restoring your headlights will drastically improve the appearance of your vehicle. But, most importantly it will improve night driving visibility!