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​                Most Headlight Restoration


Q. Why did my headlights become cloudy?

A. Headlights are made of polycarbonate plastic that are sealed with a UV clear coat by the manufacturer. This clear coat will gradually breakdown from road film, vehicle exhaust, acid rain, and of course the main cause, UV rays from the sun. Once the clear coat begins to fail the only way to restore and protect the lens is to remove all oxidation and reseal the lens with a UV rated clearcoat.

Q.Do I have to bring my vehicle to you?

A. No, we provide a convenient mobile service and can restore your headlights at your home or office.

Q. How long does the restoring process take?

A. The average time to restore headlights is approx 60-90 min

Q.Will restoring my headlights make the lights brighter?

A. Yes, cloudy headlights can block up to 70% light projection and make night driving visibility difficult and unsafe.

Q. Do my headlights need to be removed?

A. No, we restore your headlights without having to remove any parts from your vehicle.

Q.Is the damage on the inside of the headlights?

A. 99.9% of the time this answer is NO. The cloudy dullness you see is on the outside of your lens. If it was on the inside this means you have a bad seal between the lens and housing and should experience water/condensation in the lens.

Q. Why not just buy new headlights?

A.The average cost for new headlights range between $250-$900 per headlight depending on the make and model. This doesn't include installation which could cost a few hundred more. We can restore your headlights to like new for just $99.00 *most vehicles